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We all tend to pay a lot of attention to what the weather is doing, but all too often we cannot get reasonably reliable data because that information is coming from maybe 15 or 20 miles away.
Now, Daventry has a privately run weather station, bringing you real time conditions on your doorstep.
It is hoped that it will be of use to you. It is provided free as a Community Service.

Things visitors say about this site

Thanks for the fascinating site. I often check it out,  for example today when I wondered how much rain had fallen (16.5mm where you are but I'm convinced it was more here near Staverton!) keep up the good work. Carolyn (14/10/19) 

Thanks for your weather station. I find it fascinating watching the weather information, especially today. It's interesting tonight to see the temperature go down yet it feeling so much hotter as the humidity goes up. I find your weather station much more reliable and informative than other sources and I use it regularly........ Elaine (19/07/16) 

Just a thank you for your excellent weather station, best up to the minute and most accurate forecast for Daventry on the web!!....... Dave (3/6/12)


Fantastic site M8, Thanks no end.............  Pete (26/11/11) 


Very useful website and I have bookmarked it for future reference. I will find time today to look through the whole site - I could even get my husband interested in this site!......... Ann P (15/2/11) 


Love your website. very handy for myself and partner (she can check home weather real-time before leaving work, especially the last week or so) and I for local temperatures and conditions work....... be proud........ John W (3/12/10)


I live in Daventry and have only just stumbled across your marvellous site! I love the weather even when it's bad so I am delighted to have all this up to date relevant info to hand! Keep up the good work and thanks very much!....... Andy N (30/11/10)


Hello! I like your site. Hope you don't mind but I've just added your webpage to our Facebook fan page and twittered your web address........... Paul (24/11/10)


Many Thanks for the Weather Station Reports in particular the Barometric Pressure Readings.  Fantastic Service well presented, Thank You for keeping us all informed........... Rod (2/11/10)


I stumbled upon your weather site today. I live in Northampton and it's nice to have a decent weather station near at hand - Thanks.................. John (06/03/10)


Excellent web site keep it up.......... Chris, Byfield (30/11/09)

My default site is BBC weather but for detail I turn to you. Thank you........ Herb (05/09/09)

Thanks for the excellent weather reports. I run a photography teaching website and your weather news is very handy for us when planning local photography shoots.. keep up the good work..... Helen (09/06/09)

I found you by a Google on Daventry weather - great site! Thanks for the good work. I live in Woodford Halse and yes, our weather is frequently different from yours, when it comes to rain. Usually I find it is sunny here and rainy in town centre. I particularly like your statistics and the satellite and radar maps - better than the BBC! - Eileen (30/08/08)

I live just outside Byfield, maybe that is why there was such a difference, I refer to your weather forecast every day and I have to say I find it very useful and it is often much more accurate than the BBC site. It is just that I was amazed how far adrift from reality it was yesterday, the rain was absolutely constant, and when your site said it had stopped I just had to comment. I think that perhaps the rain was geographically southerly from Daventry. I shall continue to use your site, and I do appreciate the reply! Many thanks. Paul (4/6/08)

I am sitting here at 13:42 just outside daventry it is absolutely pouring with rain (stair-rods), with no sight of it stopping.....your weather forecast says.........."Cloudy stopped raining".....I mean how do you manage to get it so completely wrong???? - Paul (3/6/08)

Great website. Info is easy to understand and more accurate as it is local to where I live and work. Keep up the good work. All the best. - Matt (29/5/08)

Just stumbled over site. Very useful and helpful. Many thanks for your time and effort - John (25/5/08)

Very interesting and useful - Jeff (22/3/08)  


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